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Festuris is one of the greatest symbols of Gramado's tourist vocation.

Gramado is a city that is beyond enchanting. The charm of the flowery streets, the details of the architecture, the warmth of the hotels, the refinement of the cuisine, the quality of the products and services, the originality of the colonies, the hospitality of the people, the smell of nature.

In short, everything in Gramado seems to conspire to make you experience unique moments of pleasure. In addition, nature lovers should not miss out on an agro-tourism itinerary, as it is in the colonies that Gramado's most original and beautiful landscape is hidden.


With the largest tourist infrastructure in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Gramado offers more than 200 gastronomic establishments that cater for everything from the simplest to the most demanding palate. The hotel chain has hundreds of establishments and is renowned for the excellence of the services it provides.

To this end, it has around 15,000 beds. For professional activities, it has two large trade fair and event centers with a total area of 35,000 m², as well as convention centers and rooms found in various hotels.


The mega-spectacles put on make the eyes of those who watch them shine. Natal Luz, one of the biggest Christmas events in the world. The Gramado Film Festival, a major film event in the country. The Colony Festival, celebrating typical German and Italian cultures. And of course Festuris, one of South America's leading tourism trade fairs.


In addition to oozing elegance with its European architecture and natural beauty, the Garden of the Hydrangeas enchants visitors with beautiful tourist attractions, such as outdoor and indoor theme parks. Also noteworthy is the Black Lake, one of Gramado's main postcards.


Gramado is much more than a fireplace and mulled wine in winter. The four seasons are well defined and offer true spectacles of nature. And for those of you who think of Gramado for its cold weather, just visit the city in the other seasons. You'll be surprised!

Rio Grande do Sul and its 27 tourist regions to be explored

In Rio Grande do Sul you'll find totally different landscapes every time you visit. The capital of Rio Grande do Sul has a pulsating cultural and bohemian life; incredible history and one of the cultural heritage sites of humanity; natural beauty with majestic canyons and vast fields of the pampa, as well as a sweet coastline and an incredible coastline sought after by neighboring visitors.

Due to its historical background, diversity of landscapes and cultures, as well as its strategic location in relation to the Mercosur countries, Rio Grande do Sul receives a large number of tourists, especially from South America, and is the third Brazilian state that receives the most international travelers. It is the second main Brazilian gateway by land and the fourth by air.

In terms of business tourism and events, Porto Alegre's infrastructure stands out. The city is favored by having an international airport, the third in Brazil in terms of the number of direct international flights, and by being around 1.5 hours from the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

// Eventos

The gastronomy, customs and traditions inherited from its immigrants mark the culture and diversity of Rio Grande do Sul, making up a rich calendar developed throughout the year. Highlights include: the Book Fair, the state's intangible cultural heritage; Farroupilha Week, which celebrates the traditions of Rio Grande do Sul; the Mercosur Biennial, an international exhibition of contemporary art; and the LGBTQI+ Pride Parade, which celebrates diversity in June in various cities in Rio Grande do Sul.

The state also hosts Expointer, an agricultural fair of national and international prominence; the Torres International Ballooning Festival; the most varied festivals in the interior, such as the National Grape Festival, the Rice Festival, Fenadoce, Oktoberfest and the National Wine Festival, which exalt local gastronomy and agriculture; and the most acclaimed events in Gramado, such as the Film Festival, Festuris, one of the main tourist trade fairs in South America, and Natal Luz, one of the largest Christmas events in the world.

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Rio Grande do Sul is vast and full of attractions. Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, is the right place for business and events and presents visitors with a pulsating cultural and nightlife in its traditional and bohemian neighborhoods, not to mention an annual agenda full of events. It is home to the Piratini Palace, the seat of the state government and one of the capital's most visited tourist attractions. To enjoy nature and adventure, we recommend the Campos de Cima da Serra region, the perfect place to connect with the natural world through ecotourism and adventure programs.

For an immersion in history, the Missions Route, a World Cultural Heritage Site, which includes the São Miguel Arcanjo Archaeological Site and the ruins of the churches, takes you on a journey back to the 17th and 18th centuries and is the most representative architectural ensemble of the 7 Peoples of the Missions in Brazil. In the state of Rio Grande do Sul you can also enjoy the sea on the north coast, one of the destinations confirmed in the summer by visitors from neighboring countries, especially Uruguayans and Argentinians. For lovers of European culture, the Hortênsias Region is a little piece of Italy in southern Brazil.


A state rich in
diversity and tourism

The event is today the most respected trade fair for tourism, content generation and networking in Latin America.

Brand Display

More than 2,500 brands exhibited at the event over the two days.

Brand Display

More than 2,500 brands exhibited at the event over the two days.

Brand Display

More than 2,500 brands exhibited at the event over the two days.