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Thermalism and Wellness in Brazil: FESTURIS Gramado opens space for this niche

12/03/19, por FESTURIS

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Following the trend of Europe, in recent years Brazil has inaugurated dozens of tourism equipment aimed at the niche of Thermalism and Wellness. Goiás is a reference, but the three southern states of Brazil: Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul are beginning to stand out in the segment. Rio Grande do Sul, for example, recently inaugurated a project in Gramado and also has projects in Machadinho, Uruguaiana and in the region of Quarta Colônia.

With this exponential growth, FESTURIS Gramado - International Tourism Fair, the most effective tourism trade fair in South America, announces the launch of its new space: Thermalism and Wellness. The goal is to promote during the 31st edition of the event, from November 7 to 10, a space dedicated to thermalism, wellness therapies, thermal tourism, business and knowledge relevant to the segment.

The thermalism in Brazil is known worldwide for the quality of its waters, in its great majority of the Guarani Aquifer, considered as one of the best mineral waters on the planet. In addition, the country has resorts that house the largest complexes of sulphurous waters already known, a fact that has developed and created infrastructure to receive great demand from tourists who move for the purpose of seeking well-being, health care and leisure .

Taking advantage of this potential, FESTURIS will promote a multisectoral meeting, offering the promotion of products, discussion of ideas and effective business in conjunction with the experiential and sensorial activities that the sector has to offer.

The Thermalism and Wellness Space will bring together the most diverse equipment: lodging facilities, therapies, wellness centers, suppliers to spas and resorts, municipal, state and federal governments, as well as national and international opinion and knowledge trainers.

The new space is coordinated jointly by Rossi & Zorzanello, a company that organizes FESTURIS Gramado and Catarina - Commercial Advisory Marketing and Events. According to the executive Sidicley Graciano, "this is a differentiated project that will bring to FESTURIS a worldwide trend. Today, the national tourism has awakened to thermalism, the tourism of well-being, with tourist equipment and ventures directed to this niche ". According to him, Brazil has eight states that have equipment or sources of thermal waters.

One of the novelties in the event will be the National Contest of the Best Mineral Water of Brazil. In the contest, two invited hydrosommeliers will choose the best water in Brazil.


Thermalism and Wellness Space will offer business opportunites in five areas:

1) Wellness area: experiential space, sensory and cosmetology;

2) Thermal Business Area: space for business and promotion of equipment and destinations;

3) Mineral Area: space for presentation and tasting of water and thermal drinks;

4) Wellness Lounge Area: space for relaxation and therapies with thermal waters;

5 Knowledge area: space for presentation of players, lectures to buyers



- R$300 million in business generation;

- Exposure of 2,500 brands;

- 15 thousand participants;

- 65 international destinations;

- 24 thousand square meters of fair;

- More than 450 journalists and influencers;

- 250 lectures and workshops.



FESTURIS Gramado - International Tourism Fair
Thermalism and Wellness
Gramado / RS
November 7-10, 2019