Festuris 2022

Find out more about the fair, whose theme was the Resignification of Tourism

34th Festuris: the biggest and best of all the editions ever held

// melhor das américas

The 34th edition of Festuris broke all records for 2019 and 2021. The expectation was to exceed some figures, but it was much more than that. The event, already consolidated as the best B2B event in the Americas, has become even more renowned among the tourist trade.

// Números

There were 12,500 entries, 2,700 brands exhibiting and a total of 24,000 square meters of floor space. As the event that connects Brazil with other countries, 40 international destinations were represented at this edition. The event grew by 120% compared to 2021.


The scheduling system through the new Festuris App has made it even easier for participants to do business. The platform now works not just for some segments, but for all the fair's participants, optimizing time and increasing productivity in generating business. In addition, with the possibility of posting in real time, the App became Festuris' social network.

// Segmentação

In 2022, the launch of the Food & Drinks Experience Space was the big news. Considered by the UNWTO to be the main course of tourism today, gastronomy provokes more than just sensory experiences. In 2,000 square meters, cultures and knowledge were brought together, bringing the public closer to national and international cuisine. Show classes and the gastronomic arena culminated in the success of the space.

An event to help transform tourism.

Festuris Gramado has established itself as one of the most effective tourism fairs in terms of generating business in the Americas. In 2022, we are committed to continuing to contribute to giving new meaning to the sector.

What the directors had to say about the last edition

The moment demands creativity for the reinvention and survival of businesses throughout the tourism chain. We understand this importance and want to help rebuild!

"Today we are much more than a tourism event. We are aware of our role, of the responsibility we have taken on over the years, with the aim of participating in the growth and strengthening of the tourism industry. We have become "Brazil's most beloved tourism event". Without wishing to sound pretentious, we repeat here a common statement among the tourist trade. We are very proud of this achievement."

Marta Rossi

Founder and CEO of Festuris Gramado

"Tourism represents a living force at the service of peace. We know that our achievement is the result of collective work, of everyone cooperating for the development of tourism, which always has a positive response and is capable of recovering from the most adverse situations. Tourism is the industry of peace, it is the most inclusive of all activities, it is an intrinsically human and social phenomenon that brings about integral development."

Eduardo Zorzanello

CEO of Festuris Gramado