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FESTURIS Gramado - International Tourism Fair will have its 32nd edition in 2020, which will take place from November 5th to 8th. The fair will occupy 25 thousand square meters, at Serra Park in Gramado, and is considered by the trade to be the most effective business platform of South America, being the second largest in size.

The Business Fair is segmented and brings together the main trends of tourism, currently FESTURIS has the areas: Thermal and Wellness Area; Travel by Culture and Customs Area, Business Area; Luxury Area; MICE & Experience Area; Sustainability and Accessibility Area; LGBT Area; Entertainment Area; Wedding Area and Gastronomy Area.

The event also features FESTURIS Meeting - Content and Networking, an event that occurs in the morning on FESTURIS days. Counting on various panels of knowledge, it is an open channel for dialogue with the public, tourism professionals, travel agents, representatives of tourist destinations, entrepreneurs, official tourist agencies, students and universities, and everyone interested in content.

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The business fair is segmented and gathers the main trends of tourism, currently festuris relies on the areas: Business Area; Luxury Area;  MICE & Experience Area; sustainability and accessibility; LGBT Area; Entertainment Area; Wedding Area; Gastronomy Area and Travel by Culture and Customs Area.

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Technology & Innovation Space

A tecnologia não é apenas o negócio do futuro. O mundo mudou, e quem acompanha as transformações sai em vantagem no mercado turístico. As empresas investem cada vez mais em produtos inovadores e disruptivos para acompanhar as demandas de seus clientes. 

Identificamos essa oportunidade e lançamos nesta edição o Tecnologia & Inovação. O espaço será voltado para startups, empresas de software, destinos inteligentes e demais negócios que apostam na tecnologia para transformar o ecossistema de viagens e turismo. Serão cerca de 400m² com opção de participação em box de apresentação, lounges de atendimento, startup area e ativações de marca. Além de um espaço de conteúdo, onde os visitantes poderão se capacitar e conhecer melhor desse novo momento. 

E-mail: paola@rossiezorzanello.com.br

Telefone: (54) 3295-8509, Paola Schommer Benevenuto.

Diferenciais do Technology & Innovation Space

      Thermal and Wellness Area


      The thermalism in Brazil is known worldwide for the quality of its waters, in its great majority of the Guarani Aquifer. In addition, the country has resorts that house the largest complexes of sulphurous waters already known, a fact that has developed and created infrastructure to receive great demand from tourists who move for the purpose of seeking well-being, health care and leisure .

      Taking advantage of this potential, FESTURIS will promote a multisectoral meeting, offering the promotion of products, discussion of ideas and effective business with activities that sector can offer.

      The Thermalism and Wellness Space will bring together the most diverse equipment: lodging facilities, therapies, wellness centers, suppliers to spas and resorts, municipal, state and federal governments, as well as national and international opinion and knowledge trainers.

      E-mail: termalismo@rossiezorzanello.com.br

      Phone: (54) 3295-8506, Andrea Oliveira.

      Diferenciais do Thermal and Wellness Area

          Travel by Culture and Customs Area

          Culture is one of the pillars of FESTURIS Gramado. Seeking to valorize and rescue the cultural and historical mores of the continents, in 2018 was launched the space to the Travel for Culture and Mores.

          A space created to value the historical and cultural traditions that helped shape the world as it is today, embracing all forms of religious and cultural manifestations, including popular festivals, itinerary, historical monuments, valuation actions for the destiny, book launches and regional peculiarities of the participating destinations.

          Join the space travel for culture and customs and take advantage of the business opportunity! Interested brands and destinations can contact the festuris center:

          E-mail: fernanda@rossiezorzanello.com.br

          Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8513, Fernanda Rezende

          Diferenciais do Travel by Culture and Customs Area

              Business Area

              Business Space is a cost effective option for participation in FESTURIS. Located in the area of ​​large operators and identified with counters for individual attendance, the space was created so that the exhibitors have comfort in presenting their products and services. In this space, each exhibitor will receive a service desk, with the logo applied and access to the Buyers Club scheduling tool.

              Although the event is divided into segmented spaces, Business Space is open to exhibitors from different areas: destinations, municipalities, tourism agencies, operators and entities interested in participating in FESTURIS with low investment value.

              Join Business Space and enjoy this business opportunity! Brands and interested destinations can contact the FESTURIS Center:

              E-mail: fernanda@rossiezorzanello.com.br

              Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8513, Fernanda Rezende.

              Diferenciais do Business Area

                  Luxury Area

                  One of the great highlights of FESTURIS Gramado is Luxury Area, an exclusive place for suppliers and buyers of the luxury segment, which always impresses with the elegance and comfort of business environments. In addition to providing meetings that result in excellent negotiations for the participants, Luxury Space consists of lounges, desks, a contemporary Bistro Bar and a Garden Reception.

                  In 2018 the space brought together more than 30 exhibitors and 250 luxury buyers from around the world closing deals with the participating brands.

                  Join Luxury Area and enjoy this business opportunity! Brands and interested destinations can contact the FESTURIS Center:

                  E-mail: kenia@rossiezorzanello.com.br 

                  Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8507, Kenia Jaeger 

                  Official gastronomy:

                  Official Sparkling Wine:

                  Diferenciais do Luxury Area

                  • Serviços de Wi-fi
                  • Serviços de Mordomo
                  • Presença de 200 buyers exclusivos do segmento
                  • Bistrô Bar
                  • Programação Social Exclusiva
                  • Catálogo exclusivo

                  Mice Area

                        A space that brings the main news of the MICE segment (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions), bringing together brands, destinations, Conventions and Visitors Bureau, Corporate Hospitality, Event Center, Receptive Companies, DMCs, Companies Airlines and others.

                       With facilitating layout, the Space offers different opportunities for participation for the exhibitor: free area booth, service lounge and work desk, as well as two simultaneous stages of content with major themes of the segment, as well as technology and Innovation.

                      A space to give visibility to your brand and realize potential business. The MICE Space has a great differential because it has mandatory appointments between exhibitors and buyers, which ensures a greater use of meetings, facilitating the generation of business during and after the event.

                       Brands and destinations interested in being exhibitor of this space can contact the FESTURIS Center:

                  E-mail: paola@rossiezorzanello.com.br

                  Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8509,  Paola Schommer Benevenuto.



                  Diferenciais do Mice Area

                  • Serviços de Wi-fi
                  • Presença de 200 buyers exclusivos do segmento
                  • Programação Social Exclusiva

                  Green Experience

                  The sustainability theme is one of the main pillars of FESTURIS. Throughout its 30 years the event has been concerned with the issue of sustainability, both related to the environment, as well as to the social and economic side. In addition to having Sustainability and Accessibility Area, the fair counts on actions such as the Planting of the Tree of Integration and Gralha Azul project among others.

                  Sustainability and Accessibility Area welcomes exhibitors and brands related to Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism. With a focus on accessibility, FESTURIS has always been concerned with well being, being a showcase for the segment and an engine of discussion for the subject of people with disabilities in tourism. Highlighting the importance that countries give to accessibility to tourism and presenting the metrics to serve this niche.

                  Brands and destinations interested in participating in the Sustainability and Accessibility Space, potentiating the brand and promoting the generation of business can contact the FESTURIS Center:

                  E-mail: fernanda@rossiezorzanello.com.br

                  Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8513, Fernanda Rezende.

                  Diferenciais do Green Experience

                      LGBT Area

                      FESTURIS marked the time and stood out for 10 years as the national fair, and one of the first in the international market, to create and execute a area to stage the LGBT segment when LGBT Area was created. The fair has made room for brands and destinations that work the Gay Friendly market. The creation of the Space was a milestone and since then this niche market has been promoted annually, receiving in Gramado destinations and exhibitors that work directly with this public.

                      The Area has a system of scheduling between exhibitors and buyers, as well as a content area.

                      Brands and destinations interested in participating in the LGBT Area, enhancing the brand and promoting the generation of business can contact the FESTURIS Center:

                      E-mail: kenia@rossiezorzanello.com.br 

                      Phone: (54) 3295-8507, Kenia Jaeger 


                      Diferenciais do LGBT Area

                      • Serviços de Wi-fi
                      • Programação Social Exclusiva

                      Entertainment Area

                      A universe of fun, magic and unique experiences where the main brands of entertainment will be gathered. FESTURIS Gramado in the Entertainment Area: theme parks, aquatic, adventure and ecotourism projects, theme museums, entertainment equipment in general, as well as all the main novelties for the trade that is interested in this segment.

                      Those who pass through Entertainment Area will be in contact with characters that will be circulating around the place, exhibition of play materials, as well as an interactive space, show and scenery that will be taking place during the fair. The segment has been gaining ground in tourism thanks to families and travelers seeking adventure and fun to complement their itinerary.

                      Brands and interested destinations can contact the FESTURIS Center:

                      E-mail: fernanda@rossiezorzanello.com.br

                      Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8513, Fernanda Rezende.

                      Diferenciais do Entertainment Area

                      • Serviços de Wi-fi

                        Wedding Area

                        FESTURIS held an official (civil) wedding ceremony in its 30th edition to launch the Wedding Area in style. In 2019 the area was a venue specializing in the wedding segment.

                        Once again the International Tourism Fair of Gramado gives area for tourism market trends and bets on a segment of success. Services, destinations and travel agencies specializing in weddings will have the opportunity to do good business.

                        Join the Wedding Area and enjoy the business opportunity! Brands and destinations can contact the Festuris Center:

                        E-mail: kenia@rossiezorzanello.com.br 

                        Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8507, Kenia Jaeger 

                        Diferenciais do Wedding Area

                        • Serviços de Wi-fi
                        • Serviços de Mordomo
                        • Presença de 200 buyers exclusivos do segmento

                          Gastronomy Area

                          Tourism and gastronomy has a very close relationship. In order to promote and follow the evolution of this niche, FESTURIS created Gastronomy Area in 2015 and since then has been optimizing the space and receiving new exhibitors.

                          During the Fair the mixture of flavors will give a special touch to the place in a concept that unites experiences and travel. The gastronomic arena will bring together in a show area, renowned chefs, baristas and sommeliers, challenged to show, with great talent and creativity, exclusive experiences of the gastronomy of the exhibitor destinations. In addition to Workshops, show classes and tasting of food and drinks that will leave participants with their mouths watering.

                          Brands and interested destinations can contact the FESTURIS Center:

                          E-mail: fernanda@rossiezorzanello.com.br

                          Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8513, Fernanda Rezende.

                          Diferenciais do Gastronomy Area

                            • Bistrô Bar
                            • Programação Social Exclusiva

                            Spirituality Area

                                 In an increasingly accelerated and technological world, the encounter with spirituality becomes indispensable for the well-being of the human being. The search for self-knowledge, associated with transformative journeys, are unique and fundamental experiences for the balance and development of the individual. In this sense, spiritual tourism has been growing significantly and presents itself through charming and transformative products.

                                   This year, with a new formatting, we want to show that Spirituality is above all religions, using syncretism to promote tourism driven by faith and the pursuit of self-knowledge.  The Spirituality Space goes far beyond the theme Religion and will focus and purpose on self-knowledge and transformation. A true awakening of consciousness, with the union of moral, mental and emotional values that guide thoughts, behaviors and attitudes, and that can have connection with something transcendent or even faith, in which good feelings raise the frequency of emotions positive effects, reflecting on quality of life and also in the treatment of diseases.

                                  Tourism promotes peaceful and respectful coexistence between people of different faiths and the return of the visitor with the sacred becomes inspiration for all the ways of life.

                                  Brands and destinations interested in participating in festuris cultural and religious space, enhancing the brand and promoting business generation can contact the FESTURIS Center:

                            E-mail: fernanda@rossiezorzanello.com.br

                            Phone: +55 (54) 3295-8513 with Fernanda Rezende.

                            Diferenciais do Spirituality Area

                                Get to know Gramado

                                Gramado - Rio Grande do Sul

                                Gramado is enchanting and charming by nature.  This is because of its flowery streets, its kind and welcoming people, the details of its European architecture, the wide variety of hotels and cuisine it offers, and its events everything to offer the best tourist infrastructure in Rio Grande do Sul. All four seasons provide truly spectacular moments in nature.  The romanticism of fall with mild temperatures, the coziness of curling up to a fireplace with a glass of wine in the winter, the joy and colors of the flowers in spring and the energy of summer make Gramado a truly magical city.


                                The city of Jardim das Hortênsias is lavishly elegant, with its European architecture and natural beauties. It enchants visitors and presents beautiful tourist attractions: themed open air and covered parks - Rua Coberta (Covered Road), Praça Major Nicoletti (Park), Praça das Etnias, Casa do Colono (Colonial Home), Palácio dos Festivais (Palace of Festivals), Igreja Matriz São Pedro (Saint Peter's Church), Centro Municipal de Cultura (Municipal Cultural Center), Lago Negro (Black Lake), Joaquina Rita Bier Lake, Belvedere and various museums. Gramado also has themed tours: special suggestions for trips that will make each moment even more unforgettable.           



                                Among the city's biggest attractions are its events, such as Natal Luz (Christmas Lights), one of the biggest Christmas events in the world. The event enchants with its amazing fireworks, sounds, and lights, as well as exciting shows and parades.  The Colonial Festival, where you can taste delicious traditional colonial foods, the Film Festival, recognized as the biggest festival of its kind in the country, the Gastronomy Festival, which brings together national and international culinary celebrities, Chocofest and Gramado In Concert transform Gramado into a year-round venue for attractions.



                                The culinary scene is a true feast for demanding palates. The ample and diverse cuisine is served in amazing dishes at the city's 150 restaurants. There are a variety of original and tempting options for all tastes: colonial breakfasts, fondues, grilled meats, pizzerias, international cuisine, Italian, Asian, galeterias (traditional chicken dishes), meat dishes and much more.  The diverse cuisine in Gramado is a reference for those who enjoy the art of rediscovering new and delicious flavors, unique and cozy spaces and excellent service.



                                Gramado, the best tourist city, and winter destination shows that it is enchanting and charming by nature. It is the ideal place for enjoying special moments with great quality of life and options for leisure and relaxation.     
                                With its flowery streets, hospitality and various shopping options, the city offers the best tourist infrastructure in Rio Grande do Sul. Tradition and excellence in hotels provide visitors the best quality standards at hotels, bed, and breakfasts, inns, resorts, and spas.  Gramado is a place to make your dreams come true.          


                                The mixture of German, Italian and Portuguese culture is a striking characteristic that can still be seen by the Gramado community and tourists.  The agriculture industry is very prominent in the local economy. In order to value the culture of the workers in the fields, the city is offering new attractions for visitors to experience local culture in a pleasant way. The Agrotourism trips include the  Caminhos Linha Ávila (Ávila Line Routes), Linha Bella (Beautiful Line), O Quatrilho, Raízes Coloniais (Colonial Roots), Tour no Vale (Valley Tour) and the Roteiro Criativo Várzea – Serra Grande (Várzea Creative Route). They are great options!